Our Solutions

Business Tech

Specific solutions for the Financial sector, venture capital, stock market, investment funds, App Broker. specific solutions for small financial. We also develop for the Real Estate sector.

Blockchain and Crypto

Software development agency focused on cryptocurrencies, blockchain services, wallet apps, and smart contracts. Coin audits, Soft and Hard fork implementations, Network node hosting, Chain analysis, Coin explorers and Airdrop software.

ICO Specialist

We can help you with your cryptocurrency project’s Pre-ICO phase, token launch, and Post-ICO platform development. From token creation to building your MVP to and full project development.

Business Services

Asset Management

Determine the right allocation now and in the future. Choose the right diversification strategy and implement it. Protect your portfolio from inflation. Determine whether to invest in ‘alternative’ asset classes.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We help them identify strategic alternatives to maximize transition value. Goals and aspirations for a business sale vary widely depending on type of ownership - whether corporation, second or third generation family-owned business, PE fund, or other position.

Real Estate

Our services designed to provide better and easier access to high-yield development projects around the world. Listed real estate projects are held to a high level of transparency in order to be eligible for institutional capital consideration.

Business Valuation

Clients rely on Cima Holder business valuation expertise in a wide range of situations. A valuation can help a business owner gain a better understanding of where a business stands in the marketplace, or to identify opportunities to grow transferable value.

Escrow Account

Your escrow arrangements typically require specific solutions – either simple or highly-customized. Discover Cima Holder corporate escrow services and benefit from customization, accuracy, and efficiency with each type of transaction.

Finance Consulting

Our finance consulting team will work with you to ensure your business is ready to meet the demands of the modern economy. From implementing finance technology to overhauling your operating model, we’ll transform your finance function.